Best Reasons Why You Should Eat Cookies

Best Reasons Why You Should Eat Cookies

Who can resist the smell of freshly baked cookies coming from the kitchen? Well, we all know that no one can. Whether you prefer a chewy salted chocolate chip cookie, decorated and iced butter cookies, or that special recipe that makes you feel just right, coconut oil cookies are undeniably delicious.

Above all, your favourite things about cookies are that you never need an excuse to enjoy a freshly baked cookie with a glass of milk. However, cookies are not a new trend but they are surely a lasting one 

Here we will tell you the best reasons why you need cookies in your life

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1: There Are So Many Options And Varieties

The best thing about cookies is the sheer variety and there is a cookie out there for everyone. Whether you like the classic chocolate chip, healthy oatmeal raisin, the colourful sugar cookie, or even something that combines sweet and salty. 

No matter what your taste buds are craving, there is a cookie for you. Not only does this make cookies the perfect dessert but are perfect for sharing. It also means you will never get sick of them. 

2: Perfect On the Go

Have you ever tried to take a piece of cake home from a restaurant or pack an ice cream cone in your lunch? Well, it’s not so easy, as one of the reasons is cookies and these are great because they are super easy to take with you anywhere. You can put a few in plastic bags and you are ready to go. Best of all, if you don’t eat them, you can bring them home and save them for later. 

3: Their Designs Make You Smile

Cookies come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. People tend to get very creative with their cookie designs. And you can always find a cute cookie to make you smile. 

Some cookies come with company logos, cookies decorated like fried eggs and bacon, cookies for sports fans, cookies and everything in between. Whatever, your interests are, you need to be sure that you can find a cookie that represents them. 

4: Nothing Better Than A Warm Cookie

If you have ever eaten or smelled a cookie right out of the oven, then you will know exactly what we are talking about. If you have never had this experience then you are seriously missing out-there is nothing better. Smell ever, we can pretty much guarantee that having a cookie right out of the oven will warm your soul and make your day more special. 

5: Cookies and Milk remind you of your childhood

You can ask anyone what dessert they remember most from their childhood and there is a good chance they will say cookies and milk. However, we are not quite sure why cookies dipped in milk taste so good, but we do know that it was our favourite. Even though it's not a dessert that adults tend to eat as much and it will bring back to your childhood kitchen table. 

6: Perfect Snack After A Very Long Day

If you are coming home after a tiring day from work and you don’t want to make food then eating coconut cookies is the best choice to make. So, instead of waiting for your food order to arrive, or reaching home to eat yummy cookies will not only make your day better as they help you to wait for the food. In addition to being the perfect snack, cookies also make a perfect quick breakfast before starting your day. 

7: Cookies Is Your Best Friend

At midnight, whether you are unable to sleep or you are overthinking about something. Or just want to be with yourself, thin coconut crackers are your best companion. 

It doesn’t talk, or it doesn’t ask you to not eat late at night, as it's low maintenance and you don’t need any cutlery. Moreover, you don’t even have to get up and walk to the fridge and you can just keep a box at your bedside. 

8: Help You To Make and Sustain Friends

The fact remains that cookies are easier to share than many other desserts and need not be overemphasized. You can share cookies with everyone since you will rarely find a person who can turn the offer down-almost everyone loves cookies. 

If you have just got a new great job, then you might get a little nervous about making new friends. You can make things a lot easier by bringing and sharing cookies with them. While doing so you will earn your new friends instantly. And if you want to reach as many as possible then you can buy a small packet of cookies. 


Hopefully, after reading the above article, you know why you should eat cookies. As you can see, cookies have many advantages and they are very tasty, healthy and nutritious. Not only that, but you can also choose the color and the design you want. Besides, you can select the composition of the cookies that you are consuming. 

Whenever you buy cookies from an online store, then you can be 100% sure they will arrive in a good shape. They are easy to deliver, unlike many other foodstuffs. 

Above all, if you buy cookies, then you did not have to consume them all at once. Cookies never go bad quickly, so you can always keep the excess ones for either day. So, is your mouth watering for cookies? Go and enjoy a few.